Smart Live Engagement platform where audience can be engaged in creative ways with things in their surroundings, we can provide in-store analytics and indoor navigation with context aware.


One Place to Organize & Manage your schools.Schoologs makes it easy to go paperless, bring innovation to your school and track the results. Manage all your organization and campuses online in a cost effective manner.


Corporate Cyber Security is big concern and growing over time with public clouds and Internet of things growth in place. OneGate is unique single sign on solution by Seornic Group whic is in use by big corporations to manage their security and access of members to different systems.


e-CAS for Coca-Cola is an Android based app which automates the cooler agreement process. Coca-Cola agent (the app user) visits the outlet and sign an agreement with outlet owner and take the snaps of owner, CNIC and get the digital signature on tablet. After the agreement process is completed, all the agreements are synced with server.


Muslim Community Radio Promoting the shared values of Peterborough and maintaining the Islamic culture and identity. Uniting the Ummah and spreading a positive message Islam to the wider community.