FTTx Network Engineering

Our FTTH/FTTx network design & planning services are the products of more than one years of experience in designing, engineering, planning, installing and commissioning communication networks. We created easy to use fibre network design & planning software tools featuring complex optimisation algorithms and completed FTTH projects all over the globe.

FTTH – Fiber to the home

It is broadband telecommunications system which is based on fiber optic cables and associated optical electronics for delivery of multiple advanced services to homes and businesses. We at Dimension India provide FTTH planning and network solutions to our clients around the world who are in business of deploying the FTTH network. We provide various FTTH network design services including Schematic Layout for FTTH Network for citywide / large complexes/ apartments having Aerial drops as well as underground routes.

Our services include Detailed Planning, Data Build / Attribute Fill and checks, Outside Plant Design, In-building Design, As-built OSP design and OSP Network Maintenance.

Telecom – FTTH – Network Planning – OSP

Our FTTH Telecom Network Design Services include OSP, ISP Design of GPON FTTx Networks. Network Planning Scope includes Backbone, Distribution Design & Planning, and Detailed Documentation with Splicing Details, BOM, BOQ, SLDs, leading to AS-built Updates in GIS.

We have a streamlined Global Project Delivery Model that has been instrumental in our success. Through our world class Network Planning & Design team, we deliver optimized Designs that lead to faster rollouts. An efficient OSP design that provides the accurate and up-to-date access to critical network information is fundamental to staying ahead.