FFTx Network Design Services

With ITSimplicity Solutions (ITS) Engineering Services we offer a technology-independent FTTH/FTTx consulting engineering operation. We are available to work with communities, local authorities, and other organisations planning or constructing passive fibre network infrastructures and can assist with initial infrastructure assessments, including calculations on labour and material costs that help to build a convincing business case.

Our Project Vision and Methodology

In our vision, each FTTH/FTTx network project is unique. Its characteristics depend on such factors as geography, the history of the market, national and local regulation, and more. Many of the variables involved are interconnected; improve one variable and you may compromise another. We can help navigate these waters through our in-depth understanding of the key considerations, best practices in making smart technology choices, and mixing standard cabling products and proven experience with real-world fibre installations.

ITSimplicity Solutions can advise about the best passive FTTH/FTTx OSP network solutions for a certain area, village, town. We look at the big picture, the whole project, the total costs of installation, civil works and optical fiber network materials.

FTTH Project Engineering

ITS’s methodology uses digital area (GIS) maps and digital maps of existing infrastructures as input to its dedicated software technology that has been used to build networks for millions of connections. Following a local site survey, ITS will optimize the FTTH/FTTx network design to reduce construction time, improve efficiency, and deliver the best return on investment.

With our knowledge and expertise, we present more options for the diversity of FTTH communities engaging in their own construction. We are both vendor and technology neutral, using our expertise to design an FTTH/FTTx network that fits customer needs.