NOC Support

FiberRing provides its customers with information on the status of FiberRing’s network through its Network Operations Center (NOC). It is here that questions about the network are answered and faults or problems with the network are solved. The goal of the NOC is to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to FiberRing customers.

Customer Services

FiberRing’s NOC serves as the Customer entry point for all service outage reports and other service-related faults. The NOC provides information 24/7 and is fully integrated with FiberRing network surveillance and fault resolution. The NOC is staffed by customer service professionals specialized in the telecommunications industry, all with technical backgrounds and customer management training. Service outages and other service-related faults are dealt with expeditiously upon the opening of a trouble ticket.

Customers should report any service outages or other service faults immediately to the FiberRing NOC. FiberRing’s preferred method of receiving reports is by telephone.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

FiberRing’s NOC has a staff of telecommunication engineers working on a 24 x 7 schedule. The NOC mandate includes network management, network surveillance and troubleshooting. FiberRing’s engineers, technicians and support staff continuously monitor network operations and capacity to ensure that agreed service levels are achieved.

The NOC is responsible for providing comprehensive status feedback. These updates are provided according to the standard procedures or as agreed with the customer in its Service Level Agreement (SLA).